Traveling is my favorite thing - before pork, wine and everything in between.

I wish I was doing it everyday, all the time.  And Alone is the best! (most times)
I love airports, flying, and having the ability to pack the "right" things and all in just a carry on bag - even if its for 2 weeks.  
I love that they shove me in first class even if I bought a coach seat. (Elite membership thank you)
I love the kettle chips they give me with the california cabernet they serve.  Its a perfect pairing....I think anyway.  
I listen to opera when I take off and land (yes illegally)- THAIS is my usual opera- 
I love the smell of the rental car when I pick it up.
I love finding my channel on the radio before I put the car in drive.
I love my ipad for navigation.
I love pulling up to the place that I am going to stay and them opening the car door and saying -
 "Good afternoon Mrs. Mihna....Welcome to Palmetto Bluff".
I love they hand me some sweet tea.
They take care of the bags and my car without question.
I walk inside and smell lillies - they are everywhere and wafting towards me in the light breeze.  
The main building is stoic and magnificent.  
I am in love with the old oaks, the blooming magnolia trees and the perfect weather.
A gentleman drives me to my cottage and makes light conversation while telling me about the property.
At the cottage he shows me my cute bike I will have during my stay - then walks me in - the gas lamp light glowing proudly.
my luggage is there already - He shows me how to work the speakers through out the cottage, the steam room, the lights and then leaves.
It was gorgeous, off the cover of Luxury Magazine.  I walked out on the screened in porch overlooking the water, and there is 2 huge blooming Mary Jane Magnolias right outside my cottage.  
There was a bottle of welcome wine - and then another that a friend had placed in my room for my birthday - Palmettos Own Pinot NOir from HIrsch Vineyards.  
I jumped on the bike and took my own tour of the property.  I felt like I was on the tv set of Desperate Housewives little city - everything perfect. 
During my stay I had a 90 minute massage with the doors open to the smell of fresh cut grass and a soft breeze.
I went kayaking and saw 3 alligators - one was over 10 feet long.
I worked out in their gleaming facility
Swam in their refreshing pool
Biked to the tree house a couple miles away, (could live in it) and layed in a hammock watching birds.
There is a golf course, an equestrian center where you can ride or take lessons and 18000 other acres to explore
Tennis, Croquet and Bocce ball.  This is the real deal too- pristine courts. 
Did you want to take a cruise around the area? - they have complimentary mercedes benz for you to drive around in style. 
I took 4 baths
Steamed the wine out of my pours in the morning in my own private eucalyptus steam shower.
I sat on the porch in the afternoon and read with a glass of wine
I made smores at night out by the fire - they had all the needed ingredients ready- even long wood sticks.
The house was stocked full of included goodies - water, wine, local beverage, local pecans, cookies and coffee.
I had dinner twice at The River Restaurant. The food was excellent - Some high notes were the Charcuterie platter of heaven.  My first EVER Duck HAM....the rabbit rillette was perfectly made.  THe Duck entree was cooked precisely the way I wanted it - like the chef had read my mind when I walked in the door.
 The Sommelier (Todd)  and I gossiped, and he poured some fantastic wines for me. 
Had breakfast in Buffalos Bakery every morning - great coffee.  

They also have fly fishing, biking, hiking, paddle boarding, spin and yoga, charter fishing, sunset cruises, night kayak tours and on and on and on.
They have everything you need to never leave - like a luxury bubble in the middle of "low-country".

Now - to the service.  I have been blessed to have gone to places that are amazing and have stellar service.  Palmetto Bluff was THE best place.  I suppose it IS an Auberge Resort.  
 I smelled the lillies when I walked in for dinner and commented to the hostess how I loved them.  When I returned to the cabin after dinner, there was a bouquet next to my bed.   It was my birthday during this time period and EVERY one said happy birthday and always greeted me by name. There was a bottle of wine and dessert plate in my room after dinner one night.  Every one was so accomodating and lovely.  I did not want to leave.  Ever.
Here are some people who were over the top - David, Jennifer, Steve, Duwayne, Shavon, Laura, Todd.

Inn at Palmetto Bluff was stellar in every way.  The treated me with respect and were so accommodating.  They thought of everything.  
Luxury without being flashy. 
It was Southern Charm with a little Hollywood mixed in.  
Service was outstanding without being fake.  The staff was small and always there (do some of these people ever go home?) 
When and if (im sure very rare) there was a problem they went over the top to fix it.  I had a small problem with the water heater- they handled it better then any place I have ever been to- apologetic and fixed it within minutes- then followed up with the problem and extended an "im sorry" token which they did not have to do but was very appreciative.  

 Its so lovely that I will return, probably every year for the rest of my life.  I have told many people about this place - but now am in fear everyone will start going and I won't get the dates I want.  

Please go - for a special time in your life - Its like an adult treat.
Is it expensive? Well, its not cheap.  What you get for the price - its the best value that there is in luxury. 

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