Im home and looking back at how badly I did on my blog while I was gone.  It was next to impossible to keep up.  Wifi was almost never available until the end of the day (maybe) and then I had been eating and drinking and running around for 16 hours and was so exhausted (and buzzed maybe) that it was time to be horizontal for some shut eye.

I will tell you - day 4 we went to emilia romagno and visited albinea canali.  tried many lambruscos (and yes even riunite!) food was amazing.  Then off to Parmesano Reggiano.  Learned how to make the cheese and got to sit back and eat it with a fresh lively off dry lambrusco.  Next day to Banfi where we drank, and drank, and ate.  Did a sangivoses clonal seminar which was intensely interesting.  we drank all of Banfi's super tuscans, went through a bunch of different vineyards, tasted their brunello in multiple years- THEN went to lunch. all of that before noon can hurt!.  Rudy Baratti took us through the facility that day.  Hes the head winemaker and very passionate.  Then off to Montalico to tour a 14th century castle and do a 14 brunello blind tasting.  Ouch.... Then dinner - wild boar with polenta was a star....and the beef cheeks....then off to the castle to watch Jazz in the middle of the castle by moonlight - FULL moonlight.  The longest day of the trip and bed was a must that night for all of us!  A day of Brunello is never a bad day - Ciao

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