Yes Babies......

Today my BFF finds out what we are having (by what "we" are having just makes me feel important HA!)

Shes on #3...And I wonder---GIRL!

Pretty much all of my close friends have these amazing little versions of them (or in Bootsies case she has a little devil on her hands that has quite the resemblence of her auntie amber- not by looks but by naughtiness!)

Ive always been completely freaked out thinking that if I had a baby - wow- thats mine.  Thats me.  thats us.  wow.  I can't imagine looking into another humans eyes knowing that came from me....and may even look like me.
overwhelmingly awesome.

Its been my pleasure watching my friends kids grow up.....I love spending time with them all- all so different-just like my friends.

Anyway - So babies have been on my mind

Dont let it get away

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