Wine tastings, Dinner and Events....what a great way to be able to taste through wines you may have otherwise not purchased.  Whats Sangiovese?  I dont want to try that - and then at a tasting you get to try one and its now your new favorite.  I love stories like that.  Its become quite popular in the Appleton Area and I have some people that just came with friends for a fun night out, didnt like wine, and throughout the last couple of years now are drinking cabernet (the driest red) 
Some people have made the progression from the sweets (riesling and Gewurztraminer) and telling me they will NEVER drink red to now telling me its hard for them to drink sweet whites and they now like all the reds.
In another whole realm of things, people who were ONLY red wine drinkers have now come to appreciate a white wine with food.  For me personally, that shows a true appreciation for wine and what it should actually be about.  Wine is to enhance a meal (and sometimes to make problems disappear! ha) just like a partner should enhance your life (like dessert)
I drink all styles and colors of wine.  It depends on my mood, where I am at, what I may or may not be eating. 
Its a beautiful marriage between people, memories, food, and feelings.

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