Today was a day of studying, hot weather and ROLLERSKATING!  went to Skaters edge for Emilys 7 yr party.  It smelled the same - the rollerskates may  have been the same ones I had on 20 years ago.......the old brown leather ones with 4 orange wheels, wore out to the point you needed a size smaller then you usually wore......the smell of fresh popped popcorn and a tiny bit of sweat.  We did the limbo - I didnt partake as I was taking pictures (and hiding from the limbo)

What a fun 2 hours, why dont I do this more often.  It felt good to rollerskate.  And I was actually not half bad at it either.  I didnt even fall.  Saw some great old high school friends and all of their kids.  Good day.

I also saw my other favorite young lady Olivia today- she hasnt taken off her pink cowboy boots in days.  I love that about her.  Shes 4 and knows what she likes, and they happen to be pink cowboy boots.  Its 90 out and she wears them partnered with a cute sundress.  she rides bikes, swings and goes in the sprinkler - all with pink cowboy boots on.  (they finally came off for the pool)
 When I hang out with these young people it reminds me of how amazing lil people are.  They say things that completely stun me and remember things that I forgot about and wonder how they remember when they were 2?  I feel like they change as the hour passes and also makes me wonder how I could possibly have a child - my heart would explode love like an active volcano.  Well anyway

We went to Nakashimas as well (7 yr old wants her bday dinner at a sushi joint - are we sure this is not my child?)

Tim was bartending and hes the best - Glazebrook sauv blanc from new Zealand (isnt that 2 nights in a row?)

Tuna tartar hand rolls - spicy and super delish - its the cilantro i swear
salmon yaki - broiled to perfection with butter and garlic
firecracker roll and edamame

I dont know if I have ever had a bad meal at Nakashimas or its sister restaurant Katsuya downtown.  they are consistent and use quality products.  The people are friendly and accomodating.  I go to the downtown one often (once a week)
If you havent gone go - its not just raw fish people - something for everyone - and if a 7 yr old can do it - so can you

best part of my day - Rollerskating with a 7 yr old and a 4yr olds pink cowboy boots

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