A month of wine- My best friend gave me a tiny blue book to write 2 lines in every night after my day.  THose 2 lines have to be important to me about the day - I added what I drank everyday too so I could keep track of the wines I tried.....Heres my first month of wine....
1. 1999 Domaine Carneros CA Champagne, Pol Roger Champagne and J Sparkling wine with dear friends and portugese mussels
2. no wine
3. no wine
4. flight of reds at Thunderbay in Milw- none very good
5. Mt veeder 08 cab - tight and crackly
6. mt veeder I snuck into the theater at Palm Springs International film fest
7. Ferrari Carano Fume Blanc - love this wine - scrabble by the fire - Schramsberg Rose with a fine dinner at Cucina Urbana with the perfect roasted vegetables
8. A great french sparkling while having lunch next to the ocean in San DIego
9. Happy hour with a friend at Gingerootz with ferrari fume blanc
10. Copertino with lunch at Il Ritrovo, whitehaven s blanc at Fratellos for ladies white elephant and glazebrook at Katsuya meeting with boss
11. Louis Martini Alexander Cab (yum) at Fratellos oshkosh wine dinner
12. no wine
13. no wine
14. Museum RSV Real at Ilangolo (love that wine) great with guacamole perfection
15.no wine
16. Hess Mt Veeder at Red and White and Goldeneye Pinot noir (both amazing wines)
17. Copertino with lunch at il ritrovo and Goldeneye at home
18. Red and white tasting - all california wines - tasty
19. Rams gate sparkling and buehler chardonnay - double chardonnay day !
20. schramsberg blanc de noir with the best korean buns EVER at Redd - Domain Chandon Sparkling in the rain in Napa  - honeycutt cabernet at Park Tavern in SF
21. Blanc de blanc in belinas- gloria ferrer rose pre dinner - made dinner st supery cab and steltzner cab - I loved st supery!
22. Wakefield Estate shiraz 07 - home in wisco - had to drink this wine at this time - wash away
23. beef stew and wakefield shiraz at home
24. quick glazebrook at Nakashimas with the girls and then cyrus red blend at Wine dinner
25. Copertino with lunch at Il, Crossings sblanc at wine dinner and a halfie of new vintage Franciscan cab - Cant believe how good that tasted!
26. Kim crawford S blanc at Intertapas and Seghesio ZInfandel at Cannovas
27. Rhone at Food Collective undergroun in Madison - Tempranillo rsv at Nostrano with my cousing
28. DEcoy Cabernet with Symphony on the rocks - tough day
29. Piper Heidsick Champagne
30. 01 kenwood artist series cab, 03duckhorn merlot - my best friend, her fiance and banagrams
31. Riondo Pink Prosecco with the girls at Paddock club

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