So the calm before the storm - tying up all loose ends with work and life before I leave.  Its not often (if ever) that I will not have a phone or email at my fingertips.  Going to be refreshing not to be "on demand" 

Im a seasoned traveler but this trip seems different - mainly because I didnt plan it.  Anyone whos traveled with me knows that I dig in and find all the great places and the history of the area and all the ins and outs. i research into the wee hours so I dont miss that one waterfall or that one delicious restaurant.   I have done none of this for this trip.  I have only read my itinerary 3 times.  I want to experience it "naked"

Do you ever feel like something is in the air - a change - something bigger.  I have a feeling.  I have a touch of anxiety.  I feel like my insides are going to be like a kaleidoscope and they are going to get jumbled and turned with all these amazing happenings and colors and feelings.  Ive never been more excited about an adventure in my life.  Never.  Ive never needed this adventure more then I need it now. 

I am going to be blogging this epic adventure and If your bored - tune in - because of my ipad i will be using wordpress and then copying the link in the header here on weebly so you will have to hit the link and it will direct you to my other blog - i hope it works......

I also hope that I find the perfect villa for sale like in the movie "under the tuscan sun" and find myself - could happen right?

 i have hope - inside is not a heart

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