So LAS vEGAS did its usual - had hot weather,fed me well, made me smile and took some of my money....An exciting weekend filled with long days of going places.  I didnt see any celebrities (too hot for all of their makeup I think) but 106 will do that to you.
I ate breakfast at my favorite place every morning - Bouchon at the Venetian.  One of Thomas Kellers casual French eateries...One bite of a croissant and I get taken back to Napa (where his first started)  the Perfect croissant (they even sell them at williams sonoma) crispy and layered on the outside and when you pull it- the insides are moist and chewy.  Delicious.  Coffee and one of these to start my day is always the best.
I ate at Julian Serrano for dinner - the 3 crse pre fix pre theather was my choice.  Had spicy, sweet and smoky piquillo peppers stuffed with goat cheese- great flavor.  Then a precisely cooked tenderloin with mashed and pepper mushroom sauce (kind of ordinary but good quality)  then a nut cake withturron ice cream. wine was hootland sauvignon blanc from new zealand
Milos 3 crse prix fix for lunch - started with an heirloom tomato salad with cave aged feta cheese and fresh herbs - this salad was one of the best things I ate all weekend.  The tomatos are what everyone waits for all year long - the richest, ripest juicy tomato blessed by the sun.
I had a full lavarki (a type of sea bass)  with lemon butter and capers (which he said where hand picked off the side of the island of Sardegna)  it was fresh and creamy but the capers gave is some zing!
then a walnut cake that was almost syrupy it was so buttery and nutty - wow - tasted like honey and sugared walnuts but richer
Jaleo for dinner (Jose Andres) I had scallops with romesco sauce (nutty and tomato) Canary Island salt boiled fingerling potatos with dipping sauces, (a red and green sauce I couldnt put my finger on) house madepork sausage with fresh mushrooms.  savory dish.....and the best part of my meal was the salad i ate - sliver thin slices of green apples and fennel with toasted walnuts and tiny chunks of manchego cheese.  It was delicious.  and light and airy and creamy and nutty and I tried to make it at home on tuesday night and didnt come close to the right dressing. 
I went to see elivis cirque de soleil - It was amazing.  if you like elvis at all or his songs - go see it.  The dancers and performers were amazing - the colors and costumes were a nonstop change.  My foot was moving at all times, i cried a tear at some of the songs and wanted to get up and dance to others.

I also went to see Chris Angel.  I was unaware who this person was ( i seriously thought it was a dance composer) my lack of watching tv....He is an illusionist/hard ass guy.  Some of the tricks he did were cool but all in all the show was not for me.  A lot of kids in the audience and he swore a lot and had a lot of sexual inuendos (which I can appreciate but not with kids around)  which i didnt think was appropriate.  all in all he was cool and the show was entertaining but Im used to the other styles of cirque which I prefer.

I sat by the pool, I read a book, I walked a ton, went to the new Cosmopolitan and was struck by how Vegas thinks of so much to impress, shopped and then came home.  Good to see Grass

palm sweat, black jack on a saturday night - Im leaving for good

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