So. There were the words. Lilikoi. Never heard of it. I was at a fruit roadside stand. It's honor system sobi shoved a $5 spot in and took 5 red plums, 2 avacados the size of my fist, 2 green plums and this lilikoi. Oh and 2 bananas and a lime too.

Anyway. I ended up cutting that baby open last night and a slimy, seedy ooze with green seeds slid out and covered my hand. It actually kinda grossed me out. I wonders what I was supposed to do with it. It looked like barf. Smelled good bough. So of course I grabbed some and tastes it, while holding my breathe of course. It was good. Sweet at first, passion fruit with a acidic tart finish.

Everywhere in Hawaii they sell this in jams and jellies. Different and good. But the presentation and texture is a little off putting

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