Todays local businesses are in downtown APpleton

You can make your own dishes, plates, signs....really a fun and creative place.  Bring your kids or bring a friend and a bottle of wine to catch up.  Its a really fun saturday afternoon project place to bring out the creative you.

Go get a massage - Ive been going here for years - its a great value and the girls are great.... Maybe go get a massage and then walk next door to the FIRE....Perfect gift card for the people you love!

I love to eat -
Some of my favorite Restaurants to get a gift card at downtown Appleton -
Katsuya - Best sushi downtown Appleton!
 Il Angolo - best appetizers in the city - Chef Fortinos guacamole, mussels and tuna ceviche are amazing
Appollon....Lamb and Greek favorites - YUM
Out with the kids? - Hit Good Company whos been an APpleton favorite for over 25 years!

One more local favorite everyone forgets about is the Cobbler shop - Ive been going to him for as long as I can remember and he always fixes my shoes- I brought in one pair 7 times and finally he patted me on the back and said - no more Amber

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