A sunday..........always been my favorite day of the week.  some of my best simple memories are from sundays.  Church with gram and gramps - walking around her flower beds, realizing this is where my love of flowers and plants comes from, this women with gray curls and moccasins, drinking rose or rossi sangria....and instant coffee.

I biked 15 miles today.  Watched my friends blue grass band, held a 17 lb 4month old baby that smiled  all day, planted poppies, studied, had drinks with friends (whitehaven sauvignon blanc from New Zealand) and as the sunset, I wondered- is love really innocent.........it is people.  we are the guilty ones.

favorite moment of the day - biking in the sun and smelling all the flowers as I passed by....lilacs, bridal veils, cherry blossoms, crab apples, iris, honeysuckle, and life

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