Have you been there or tried it?  YOu MUST
Nansorellas/Pullmans has been my longest continuous running wine dinner place in Appleton.  It started off with 12 people many years ago and has blossomed into something very special.  We now get over 100 people and many times there is a waiting list.  We have had almost every producing wine country, kentucky derby, oscars, halloween parties, white elephant parties, football parties, lobster boils and the list goes on.  They are super fun, educational, and delicious.  THey have up to 5 wines, 5 courses of food and always the "muffins"    I urge you to check out these fun events (every 6 weeks) as its a jewel in this city.  The 4 owners are amazing and very supportive.  Their staff is attentive and very nice.  Their new chef has been hitting home runs every dinner.  DONT BE INTIMIDATED.  We have non wine drinkers that have turned winos!  We have 21 year old and 75 year olds, we have doctors, housewives, lawyers and students.  We hope to see you there - Its time to spice it up kids!

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