Queen of Pop, striking a pose, the material girl, the virgin on a holiday and so much more....Love her or hate her - shes a first class performer.  There is NO comparison.  
  She started 2 hours late but put on a grand performance for 2 and a half hours that would make anyone forget that she was even late.   Her new album - I love it.  Its raw, loving, hateful, angry, happy, relentless, and appropriate for anyone going through a divorce (as she was)

She is more in shape then most 20 year olds and her willpower must be intense.  She was political and made it known that she didnt care who you voted for as long as it was Obama!
My three favorite songs on this new album were Love Spent, gang Bang, and Best Friend. She played them all - and on "Best friend" I shed a tear.  Losing your partner - no matter what the circumstances- is crushing.  

Then came the Classics - Vogue, Holiday, Like a virgin, erotica, Music and ending this magical show with - Like a prayer!

She danced the night away and only slipped backstage for seconds to change her outfits.  Her dancers kept you busy and the show playing in the background on the screens was intense.  gang Bang was the best "show" I thought by far - 

I was lucky enough to be able to be so close to actually touch the catwalk stage.  I got some amazing video and some even better pics.

Madonna Concert #5 in the books - Not my favorite tour of hers but damn close.  I dont believe any other singer/dancer/musician has had more of an impact on me and my life - then her.  

Her career is over the top - just like her.

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