Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and looked inside.  Not at your reflection.  At the insides of your eyes.  I did this morning.  I looked into what i thought was me and it wasnt me.  Or at least what I want to be.  It was scary as hell and the devil himself.  I vowed to move forward with a new step, a new connection, a new smile. 
So here I am - me.  Oh and off the subject I looked older then I thought too.  That seriously made me disappointed.  Where did those lines come from?  where did the eye sadness come from?  Man i need to get my eyebrows waxed too!
So back on track - here I am 6 days before christmas, looking at myself in the mirror with new expectations, looking at the insides of my soul (or I think I am anyway) and Im sad that Here I am again.  WOndering and wishing and questioning? 
Whats my next step- We will see - I know one thing - its all about me. and my health.  Oh and Im going to travel like crazy next year.
I wont be able to top this year - it was so amazing that my heart still skips a beat - but I will try to - and enjoy every single second. 

the best is yet to come

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