Sun, waterfalls, bamboo forests, palm trees, hibiscus, orchids, tuberose, plumeria,  lush tropics, shave ice (passion fruit, guava and mango are my FAV three) fruit - like fruit that is so flavorful that you have to continue to eat like an addict it is soo good.  Pineapple - so sweet it tastes like you sprinkled it with sugar first.    

The Road to Hanna was twisty and windy and full of surprises.  Waterfalls everywhere. Plated lunches roadside.  Fresh fish nachos, tuna poke, coconuts with a straw bobbing out of it.  

Lahaina - the most well known city in Maui
I went to Feast at Le Le - overpriced Luau with ok food. cool dancing
watched the sunset- best place to in Maui
bought a lei
got amazing Kona Coffee
the best shave ice

Kihei - southwest city
Boss Frogs Snorkeling gear 
bobbing in the ocean for hours
reading on the beach
Breakfast at the Four Seasons
Cuatro - great lil restuarant

O'O farms - organic farms where I had the most delicious garden tour and then lunch outside in the sun with a bottle of Ferrari carano fume blanc.
Mauis Only winery - Pineapple wine, Chardonnay, pineapple sparkling and regular sparkling
Hali imaile General Store- nicoise salad for lunch was one of the best things I ate the whole trip.
Haleakala National Park - I watched the sunset and the sunrise.  One of the best things about this trip!
Its like you are walking over the city.
Ziplining in the canopy
Paiai - cute little hippy city
Mamas Fish House - I stayed over one night at their inn and had dinner - delicious tuna

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