I drank this delicious wine last night. I love Kunde winery for many reasons
1. It's family owned
2. Estate grown fruit
3. Own largest contiguous land in Sonoma county
4. Mountain top tasting room
5. Wines are priced very well and quality is great
6. The owner Jeff Kunde is a romantic

This wine smells like a sweet tart. It tastes of guava and round ripe melon. It's full in your mouth but a nice tight crispness at the end. It's stelvin enclosure for easy access anywhere and single vineyard from magnolia lane.

I love it. I almost drank the whole bottle by myself.
7/2/2012 02:44:55 am

Thanks for the nice compliment Amber. I don't know if my wife thinks so, but I will tell her you said so!

7/2/2012 04:29:45 am

Hello Jeff - I was there a couple days before the surprise wedding anniversary celebration you were panning for your wife and you were super nervous...and us girls all thought you were so sweet and romantic...hope that party and horse ride was memorable and amazing


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