This is my favorite coffee cup
I have had it since I was 18 - I got it from an old friends mother after an accidental crash through a glass table and many stitches and hours later.........dont ask - and I was the sober one!
  Anyway - if this mug could talk - wowza - Its seen many mornings.....mornings of normalty and work.  Mornings of too much wine where the coffee gets poured in but never leaves the mug.....mornings of good conversation with a girlfriend that stops by.  mornings of quiet and mornings of loud.  Mornings of tears and some mornings that are really afternoons.  Mornings with a walk around the yard to look at flowers or the garden - then the next morning as it sits in the garden from the day before with a bug or two in the inside.    Sometimes it goes on a car ride with me and sits on the passenger side floor for a couple days.  Sometimes it comes out at night for tea.  Sometimes that mug has wine in it if Im being sneaky.
When I open the cupboard in the morning and its there, I pick it everytime.  Its heavy and feels good, and mysteriously enough, my coffee tastes better out of it. 
My grandpa has a favorite coffee mug.  He doesnt wash it which is completely gross but thats how he likes it. it sits on the table next to the jar of instant coffee and has a spoon poking out the center awaiting the time to drink some.(which is every half hour in their case)   When I was young - like 10ish - I bought him a coffee cup for christmas - it said - "Coffee gets you going" and had a pic of an older man sitting on the toilet.  Not kidding.  He used that cup for many years.  Then it broke one day or my aunt probably through it out because it was so gross.
  I have brought my favorite cup up to their house after church.  he grabbed the cup and held it and said it felt good and right.   When I was in the bathroom he then took my cup and hid it.  I came out and Gram was yelling at him.  I asked "whats the matter" - it wasnt unusual that she was yelling at him but it was a different kind of yell. She said "he stold your cup and hid it because he likes it so much - STEALER - and right after church".  I look at him and hes staring at me seeing what I would say - I, of course, shook my head and told him to go get it.  He brought it out, cupping it in 2 hands like it was a treasure.  I still shake my head as I think about it and laugh.  The next week I brought him a coffee cup similar to mine.  He liked it.  This was 2 months ago and every sunday I check to see if hes using it or not, and he hasnt yet.  Still sitting in his "hiding" place.  This from a man who goes out to breakfast lunch or dinner and steals the spoon if he likes it.  He wants it for his coffee cup.  (i am shaking my head again)

Its weird how we have a relationship with objects. Or maybe its just me.  But this mug has seen a lot in the last 15 years.  Its like the fly on the wall that we all talk about.  Its comforting in a crazy sort of way.  I hope its with me another 15 years - Its has a lot to look forward to

Praise of a new day

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