I have been gone so much I completely almost forgot about the photo shoot and article that was coming out on Buttercup - my volvo!

I was sitting in Virginia, on the porch of this lovely inn at Veritas Winery, when it dawned on me it must be out!   I checked online and it said it had been released so the very next day (Friday) I stopped at a Barnes and Noble on my way to DC.  Honestly I was pretty excited about the article....
   So there I am, rifling through the magazine rack with all of the other car magazines and then there it was! YES! I opened it and thumbed through it and that's when it caught my eye....AWESOME!  
  Right there I read the article and smiled like a 12 year old in love.  Todd and Brian did a top notch, first class article and photos.  Buttercup was quite photogenic.....I feel I may look a little older then usual but that's ok.  I wanted to walk around Barnes and Noble and show all the people sitting around my article (i of course did not) I just smiled and went and bought the magazine (which you can too at any "big book" store or by visiting www.motortrendclassic.com )

I will admit, I had a horseshoe shoved up my ass when this car came along - She is a classy piece.  

I thought about selling it BUT - I just do not know now!  

Thank you MOTORTREND CLASSIC - You are first class!

PS - I think my dad will be proud!

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