I received an email a couple months back - some people wanted to photograph my car for an article - I said when, where, why....
in May sometime - Milwaukee and your car is cool.
I would get paid nothing BUT my car would be in a magazine.

Then I found out it was Motor Trend.  
The #1 selling car magazine in the World.  
Sign me up.

I was traveling a lot that month but it ended up being a day after I got back from a trip.  I was nervous it may not make it down there but Hagerty would be to the rescue if something went wrong.  
(Hagerty INsurance is for classic cars and they will come with a flatbed to the rescue)
I left the night before as it was going to be a 5am shoot - Yikes!  
I went 63 all the way down Highway 41 - A little over 2 hours later I was in Milwaukee having dinner with a glass of wine and a side of relief! We made it.
The next morning (they changed to 7am thank you) we met down in the 3rd ward of Milwaukee.  
A sporty orange/red Datsun 240z
A mean green AMC AMX
And a classy Cream Volvo 1800e
All in late 60s early 70s

the camera guy, Brian (from LA) and his Dr. friend (Minneapolis) and Todd  the Editor in chief (Detroit) were all there - 
Throughout the day they took pics of the cars together, separate, driving separately and together...Us turning corners in it and also some with us.  We drove through Milwaukee and found some great photo ops....They were really fantastic and interesting people....The day went by really fast and all of a sudden it was 8pm and the sun was setting.  We all went out for a wrap - up dinner at my favorite spot in Milwaukee - Braise- where asparagus was in season and DELICIOUS...(yes i ate there 2 days in a row)

It was a 12 hour day of great conversation, cool pics and even cooler cars.

I was definitely the odd "man" in this circle - The owner of the Datsun was the real deal - owning cars I couldn't even dream of as they were too rare and way too pricey for me. He loved and lived cars....And the other guy was just driving the car for his work (through a shop who restores and consigns cars)  who was actually just selling the car.  He sees these kind of amazing cars all the time.
I drive my car on Sundays - and I cant drive it if its going to rain because I STILL Cant figure out why the windshield wipers don't work - its not the fuse or the tiny motor....Sigh.....

If you own an old car you understand 1 thing - It can eat money faster then I can slam a glass of wine and I promise you I am VERY good at it.  

I had an old 79 BMW and a 85 Porsche.....money pits

This Volvo I have only stuck a couple thousand in it and it is a looker - 
and will be featured in Motor Trend Classic Magazine - 
out at the end of August...Sept-Dec issue....
This Is motor trend Classic - the one that comes out quarterly.......not the monthly magazine.  
It is $15 an issue and has thicker, quality paper.  I believe there will be quite a few pics in it.....comparing us (Datsun, amc, volvo) to the big 3 (ford, chevy, dodge)

My dad is proud - I could have won a Nobel Peace Prize and this he would be more impressed with....his daughter in Motor Trend Magazine.

Pick up an issue to see my pink shoes, 3 beautiful cars made even more beautiful by Brians photography skills......And to read Todds view of the cars (he drove all 3 to get a feel and interview us)

Thank you Boys - Colin, Frank, Brian and Todd - A great day and one to keep in the books - literally

7/25/2012 04:15:13 pm

You must be really proud of having such rare cars with you have having come in magazine it would be great. The cars look great specially the BMW.


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