Van De Walles Caramel Apples - with peanuts of course.
Every year I want them to come so bad and I also dread this time of year.  I can't stop. I love them.  I even try to make it home the 3 miles before I eat it but when I get home, I have caramel stuck to my face and peanuts in my lap - I can't wait the 3 miles.  
Its almost an obsession.  They are the best ones I have ever had and I have had one every day for the last 3 days.  And I want one right now, for breakfast.  

The best 3 dollars you can spend and I can only hope that they run out before I gain the average 5 pounds in October from them.

Van de Walles - thanks for an extra piece of ass  www.vandewallecandies.com

Rana Eisenhauer
9/29/2012 04:14:34 am

Ohh sweet buttery nutty goodness....


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