Hope - Ive been listening to how I and others use this word the last couple days - Heres some of them

i hope the brewers win
I hope I'm not late again
I hope my grandpas test go good
I hope she calls me back
I hope my heart doesnt break
I hope it doesnt rain
I hope summerfest is fun
I hope I dont get drunk and show my boobs
I hope its in the mail today
I hope my tuna is fresh
I hope that you miss me
I hope hes ok
I hope my pizza isnt greasy this time
I hope i dont get kicked out
I hope I dont forget anything
I hope that karma gets her back
I hope that she gets whats coming to her
I hope that there is peace
i hope i can sleep tonight
i hope i dont see another centipede

Lots of hope we all have for silly and serious things
I use the word all the time too.  Just like love.  Misused words

I love mt rainier cherries
I love my tempurpedic bed
I love my grandparents
Those 3 things together make my love sound not as important.  I dont love my tempurpedic bed as much as my grandparents!

Anyway - Hope is something Ive been trying to understand and how it can survive for years inside of us.  Can you think of something youve been hoping for for days, months or years?  It can be a new dryer or an old friend you seem to have lost touch with.  Maybe an old love.  Maybe an old dream car youve been wanting since you were 18, maybe just to find your glasses you misplaced yesterday.  HOpe lives in us and we set hope on the backburner in our brains and when something triggers it, it soars to the front and we think about how we have this longing feeling.  And when - lets say - you finally get that old classic car that you were wanting for years, we feel fullfillment.  Then something else is at the front and center.  We may not think of it all the time, maybe not even for a couple months.  But its there - its Hope.  And it keeps us going with knowing someday those hopes will come true.

all other ground is sinking sand

best moment- Mt Rainier Cherries finally here and delicious!

7/25/2011 01:36:39 pm

I hope that you and are are riding bikes around having a good time while the sun goes down. I love you cousin. It's my first time on the blog, I'm looking forward to following you. xoxo s


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