What were you doing on new years eve 2012?

I rang in the new year with an awful man - Mr Influenza.  Who eventually I upgraded to Mr. Pneumonia!  But I will say - a night in full "sick" gear (stocking cap included)- I still toasted the new year from my tempurpedic bed, with an old bottle of Taiitinger champagne (one glass that hurt later), watching the famous ball drop while feasting on my "12 grapes of the NEW YEAR".  If you haven't heard of this - its a Spanish tradition (check out this website) http://www.entertainmentinspain.com/12%20Twelve%20Grapes%20New%20Years%20Eve%20Tradition,%20Spain.htm 
and I added my own twist to it by writing down the months on a piece of paper.  Then while eating each grape I would write down how each was (crisp, sweet, tart, rotten etc...) and they would correspond the month.  Weird enough - March (sour) and November (rotten) were the two grapes that were "bad" for me - and HONESTLY....Leap Year Day (which we had this year and I would say could be Feb or March) was awful and November, by far, was the worst month ever (my grandparents passing) 
 My best months being August (Hawaii) and December (clarification and moving on)I guess a coincidence but a fun one to rekindle.  
I hope you have a Safe and Blessed New Years Eve!  Drink Some bubbly! I will be - 
My Pick tonight will be Pol Roger and Piper Heidsick Champagne!

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