I got a birdie this weekend.  In golf. 
I ate a chicago dark chocolate ice cream in a waffle cone
I watched my grandpa eat 4 brownies and a piece of cheesecake - then sneak 3 cookies in his pants pocket when suposedly noone was watching.
I gossiped with a friend on a walk
I bought vegetables at the farmers market
I sat in the sun by the river and ate lunch
I got mesmerized by a fire and how it seems to take you somewhere else
I sweat like crazy in the hot and humid weather
I ate a cold watermelon on the beach
I paddleboarded
i drank wine.  :)
I listened to my grandma tell her sister how I was gonna have her a baby this year (WHAT?)
I biked, threw the football, sat by a fire, laughed with friends, even made one of them eat some sand - (sorry milla)

pOINT IS  - I spent a beautiful summer weekend in Wisco - we dont get these too much - perfect weekends - and I put all of my effort into making it one of the best stay - cations yet!'

a taste of heaven

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