Everything youve heard about Italy is true
The food - ahhh - the food.  The best eating I have done in my life.  FRESH, Local, delicious, simple food.  every city is different even if only 5 miles apart.  local cuisine is real here and traditional

The scenery - Vineyards, olive trees, rolling hills in Tuscany, the alps, the sea, the 14th century castles I walked through, ate in and listened to jazz by moonlight - where else can you do that?

The People - Men are secure with themselves and wear clothing that is stylish and sometimes taken as feminine.  Older handsome men - a - plenty (yes I was in salt and peppa heaven) Men are also very protective of their family and were very affectionate.  Families were always together - even at 11pm people were out with their children.

the wine - also very local, each area makes their own kind of wine and thats what they drink.  It is also not expensive.  And they drink wine at all meals (I have almost convinced  myself that I am part Italian - not just a norwegian) Most Italian wine is meant to drank with food.  It is not to get drunk with.  I like that and I agree.

Espresso - never order a double, or an americana, or a cappacino - just an espresso - slam and then done

Ahh the food - did I say that best I have ever eaten in my life - Seriously - just go there for the flippn food please!

I will go back to Italy - this time I will not have an itinerary.  I will float around Italy and eat and drink and be merry - I love the lunches that lasted so long they lead to dinner.....life is good

Jason wise
8/2/2011 05:25:12 pm

love this!!!! So true...


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