So what do you do when your in a spot you never thought you'd be in?
misread, misunderstood....communication breakdown.
May it be work, family, love or friends......when you give it your all and you just cant seem to get it right - then what?  Do you still try?  Do you continue the hard road or run? I've always thought of myself as a keep going kind of girl.  On some things I guess.  Because Ive given up on others. 
When do you still try?  Sometimes the last word helps. Sometimes you know your right but you also know that no matter what you do or say, it will not change the outcome.  Sometimes overreacting takes over.  Sometimes the tiniest insecurities make us do things we wish we wouldn't of.  When do feelings come in and when does your mind say stop?  My mind works overtime, all the time.  I havent been the knockout amazing person I wanted to be, but Im not bad either.  Im me.  I make mistakes, loads of them.  We all do.
Im like most other women in the world - I want my hand held in the car and someone to remember to take out the garbage without asking.  I want to watch the sunset and sometimes the sunrise.  I want to break bread, sip on wine and laugh.  I want to feel safe and worry free with you.  I want to feel loved.
and for you to have the key to make me open up

I also want there to be no more backorders or mispicks. :)

Ive been there before and I will try it again.

Jill Miller
11/29/2011 01:15:07 pm

Nothing comes easy but all you can do is try and feel better knowing you have done your best !!In all aspects of our lives!

11/29/2011 11:32:54 pm

Thanks Jill....your a great friend...Thanks for your hospitality on Sunday. Your house is such a feel good place> love you


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