An Italian Cafe setting -  busy, people laughing and chatty, servers buzzing around with food in their hands and the familiar smell of yeasty dough in the air.

We got a great table by the window at 9pm on a Wed night - they were slammed...
THe hostess gave us an IPAD with the wine list on.  I love these wine lists....You push a wine- it goes into the description of how it tastes and where it is from.  THEN it tells you what food on their menu it pairs best with.    
I was going to eat pasta - Scialatielli, Tomato, Basil and Eggplant - so I chose a nebbiolo from Piedmonte.
I also ordered a side of Carrots with lemon and some kind of herb - Strangest food combination I think I may have ever had.  It really left a bad taste in my mouth

The pasta came out and it was ok.  I was a little disappointed- the pasta was thick and homeade and was great - but the eggplant was non existent and not a lot of flavor in the dish in general.  I was bummed as a couple different people I had met at my conference raved about it. 

I ended up going to their sister restaurant the next night in Half Moon Bay.  Right on the ocean - I took a seat at the bar - Happy hour wine - Pinot Gris from Oregon.

I ordered braised local Artichokes (which was the worst wine pairing food in america), tuna poke....And grilled peach salad.  Everything was delicious, fresh and flavorful.  THe tuna tasted like it had been out of water for 5 seconds - it was meaty and gorgeous.   I met a lovely couple at the bar - and we chatted like we were old friends for hours.  They live close and walk down to the place for happy hour.  The gave me a lot of good advice.  I headed back up HIghway 1 that night and took DEVILS SLIDE one last time as that part of highway 1 will be shut down shortly and you will have to use the tunnel throught the mountain - I guess they were sick of cars sliding off the moutain and into 

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