Being on the couch for 4 days isnt typical in my life.....actually I don't believe it may have ever happened before.  I was sick, bored....sick and bored.  Of course I was endlessly browsing the internet and a plane ticket appeared to San Diego - inexpensive one at that.  2 texts later I leave in 5 days.  And then the Ear infection came.  Ive flown before with an ear infection and swore to never put myself through the misery again...
    So I flew into San Diego - I saw the sun, ocean and palm trees from the plane.  The palms were waving at me saying "welcome - stay awhile". 
I walked out the airport doors in Wisco weather clothes and was slapped with 81 degrees.  YES!  Myself and many others were quickly trying to take off the layers and let our albino skin see the sun, secretly hoping for some color to appear in 3 seconds...
    My gorgeous cousin and I started our journey to Palm Springs with tons to say and feelings to let out!  We checked into the Ace hotel -  a retro modern hip place with a hopping pool area!   We had a great room and an even better patio with our own firepit and couches...we played scrabble and drank wine -  a Mt Veeder Cabernet to toast to the new year!
Up early we headed to CHeekys for breakfast! 
A flight of bacon was needed! 5 different kinds 
brown sugar
apple cinnamon
We then went to Indian Canyons and hiked in the desert to oasis - about 5 miles! great day to feel the sun on your arms and face!
Then out to dinner at Trio - We had an average dinner that was missing something.....then off to the Palm Springs International Film Festival.  We had bought tickets early that day for a movie about a WINE importer whose wife leaves him for a hot Argentinian Soccer player (whom appears naked in the flim most appearances - YES) - it was called superclasico.   We get to the spot I think we should be at, look at the crazy line of hundreds of people and after a couple minutes I asked the lady next to me - "what are you watching? is it superclasico?  She says no- we are 3 minutes from showtime and run to the front of the line - they let us in, rip our tickets and we are ushered to this theater with about 15 people in it.  We sit in the best seats in the house and I get ready to pour ourselves the bottle of wine that I smuggled in for the movie.....20 minutes later the theater is almost full and the movie hasnt started yet (25 mins late now) 
We strike a conversation with the old guy next to us and he asked us "wasnt it wierd to have to sign a waiver?  
We didnt sign a waiver?  HUH?
    We say we didnt sign a waiver and what movie are we in? 
He says "this is the event of the week- the secret screening? Its been sold out for months-  What are you supposed to be seeing? 
We didnt do it on purpose I swear - We definately werent leaving but secretly I was a little sad I wasnt going to staring at a HOT ARGENTIANS ASS for the next 2 hours BUT.....we watched the movie, still drank the wine, and the movie was amazing!  I wont tell you what it was but I could because I didnt sign the waiver-!
    It was fun...we came back to our fire pit and a bottle of Ferrari Carano Fume Blanc
Next day We drove back to San Diego and had dinner at Cucina Urbana This place was amazing - I started with  yellowtail crudo | duck crackling + pickled fresno - chili + fennel seed oil
It was fresh, spicy, flavorful and then meaty with the duck crackling which I would love on ANYTHING including desserts or just a big bowl of it by itself. Then a side order of burned brussel sprouts and hot sauce and roasted parsnips and carrots - wow.  Amazing treats.  So flavorful.  glass of Brut rose from France!
My main dish was short rib pappardelle - their Homeade pasta. was. unbelievable.  The short ribs felt like they melted by the touch of my tongue.  it had creimini mushrooms and parmeggiano..they used the drippings of the all day braise to flip the pasta with..WOW.  Great dish!  home for a bottle of schramsberg blanc de blanc -
THen off to a chocolatier for dessert - heavenly brownie and vanilla gelato.
Brunch of fried egg, bacon, arugula and truffle aioli (just an essence) on the museum of contemporary art.  
lunch before take-off at tower 23 on the boardwalk -
spinach -Quinoa salad with grilled shrimp, roasted pecans and roasted scquash.

San Diego - the city with the airport in the middle, sunny days everyday, tons of restaurants and beautiful views everywhere....Love it and cant wait to go back - already planning - next time no ear infections!

Thank YOu to Suzanne - my dear cousin who brought me back to reality and lifted my spirits....THAT is what family is for and I am blessed to have her.  (mike too - hugs)

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