What a birthday week I had!
Started off with a quick speeding ticket in Atlanta....on my birthday? Isnt that Illegal??? and weird enough, not the first time I have gotten a speeding ticket on my birthday!

Savannah here I come! The city of blooming Magnolias and Azaleas, vintage and antique shops and "low country" food.  Town Squares filled with majestic oak trees and the sweet smell of blooming flowers.  The real meaning to "we will leave the light on."  Those beautiful gas lamps lit every second of every day so you can always find your way home...

I stayed at the Marshall House www.marshallhouse.com which was a great B&B right in the heart of downtown.  Had dinner at a Great Local- Farm to Table restaurant - Local 11 Ten  www.local11ten.com where I encountered the best veal cheeks Ive ever had.  We started with Charles Heidsick Champagne and ended with a Copain, Alexander valley Pinot noir.  I love Alexander Valley Pinots.  feminine and masculine all at the same time. 
The service there was awful, I will admit.  Maybe an off night but the food was worth it.
Savannah was getting ready for their biggest weekend of the year - St Patricks Day - They are the #2 largest Parade and Party for St pattys in the country (I, of course, thought New Dublin was #1 but I guess its Boston haha)
35 minutes north of Savannah is a small town that houses the Best place I have ever been lucky enough to stay at - The Inn at Palmetto Bluff. www.palmettobluffresort.com
I admit, I am completely spoiled and have stayed at some of the best rated places in America- this place wasnt just a place - it was an experience and a memory that will NEVER leave my mind.  This heaven deserves its own blog and it will get it.....so look forward to it next.
I spent 3 days of my life there and to say I didnt want to leave was more than an understatement. It was my birthday and they went OVER the top every chance they could.  THEY are the people that make wishes become reality and the people that MAKE dreams come true.  It is the most romantic place I have ever been (and I was there with one of my best friends so imagine if it was with a man - I may have come home married I swear)
So - Like I said I promise a blog devoted to that place later....
Off to Charleston, South Carolina.  I had a mildly disappointing lunch at HUSK.  www.huskrestaurant.com  - the reviews were so grand that when I got there, remember by myself AND i had a reservation, the hostess gave me a bit of attitude and told me they were full and couldn't accommodate me.  Really.  I don't think so.  Seconds later a manager came over and seated me (#1 you never tell someone you cant accommodate them when they have a resie and #2 especially if they are alone because it could be a food writer)  So she started off the meal on a bad note - but the lush details in the restaurant settled me back down.  The drapes were gorgeous with lime and magenta softness. I had a glass of St Aubry Champagne and a Cheeseburger.
Then I checked in at a local b and b last minute...Elliot House Inn - www.elliothouseinn.com.  Affordable, fair and great location.
Walked around and saw the lazy water, boats and people all around....some sharing quiet moments, some on tours of this historical city and others just laying in the sun.  There was the sweet smell of crab apple trees in the air.
Walking past a church I noticed people in a line to get in.  It was right at sunset and I had time so I followed. I sat in the last pew and for 90 minutes I was elevated high into a clear mind and spirit.  "the sound of CHarleston - From Gospel To Gershwin".  A great historical music program with singing and instrumental pieces.  They closed with Amazing Grace.  A lovely, unexpected night.  Then off to dinner at FIG (Food is Good) www.eatatfig.com.  My server was Jason and I though he was amazing.  I at a 11 vegetable salad, Roasted beet salad and Some homemade veal cheek ravioli.  I started with St Aubry champagne and finished that ravioli with a glass of Super Tuscan wine from Italy (sangiovese, Cabernet)  Jason also told me about all the great hiking spots on my way to Asheville, NC.  They had a very stellar cocktail list and tons of scotch and whiskys (If I drink anything that is NOT in grape form - watch out world - so none for me)
I enjoyed the ambiance there.  Very open and spacious feeling.....and beautiful people everywhere.  

Go there......Tomorrow I will move forward with Asheville and my first near - death experience of this last 30 days...


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