remember the mr yuck sticker of our younger years......we were little and we knew this meant - STOP NO- my mom had these stuck all over the house. 
I wish these stickers were used for certain things as adults- NO stop dont drive - you had one too many.  No dont call - bad!.   N0 - that 5th brownie is not smart.  NO that shot is not needed.  NO you dont need to buy that pair of shoes.  NO you dont need that new phone.  NO you dont need to have that cigarette.  NO you dont need a friend whos not a friend

a friend of mine told me today that Being a kid was so much easier. There was always the start over button to push because you had nothing to care for.  Thats why I think life is so much easier as an adult.  You DONT have the start over button so you have to constantly keep that in mind.   Besides the multiple day hangovers now being an adult is pretty amazing.  work doesnt feel like work most days.  My grandparents (whom i am spending the day with tomorrow so stories to come) are kind of healthy.  I dont have catty fights with my friends (well not important ones anyway)  I dont drunk dial or booty call.  All in all my mr yuck stickers are put away.  But for the important occasion when a mr yuck sticker is needed, i hope i have them available. 
  Life is full of important choices and Mr Yuck is my new friend helping me through them. 

I dont love you, I always will

8/22/2012 09:08:01 pm

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