Things I am loving on Valentines Day 2012

I am loving red, pink and white wine.  Sparkling and Still wine.  And just wine. In general.

I am loving that its hard for me to sit, stand, walk or move without hurting.....I started p90x and that pain means I am healthier and on the road to looking better in a swimsuit!

I am loving myfitnesspal app on my ipad.  It lets me put my food and exercise in and calculates how long it will take me on a daily basis to get to my goal weight.  It also lets me see how many calories are in certain things....and I have now stopped eating handful after handful of nuts - I love nuts but now only eat a couple - i would sometimes eat 650 calories in nuts as a snack!  thats only around 2 cups but when your not paying attention it is so easy to do!

I am LOVING banagrams!  I try to bribe people over with dinner or wine just to have someone to play with! ha ha....I miss my friend Mart, who showed me this addictive game - and I wish we could play somehow over the phone or internet!  

I am loving Cliff kidz chocolate chip organic snack bars! I eat them almost everyday for breakfast...

I am loving my "One line a day" little blue book that my best friend gifted to me at Christmas!  I love having to sum up your day in one or two lines - I seem to be writing only the positive things in it because I dont want to remember any negatives! 

I am loving that I am doing the above sentence!

I am loving Madonna! Her halftime show just kickstarted my excitement to go see her in a few different states this year on her tour.  She is the ultimate performer.  SHE IS AMAZING

I am loving that I took a step back in life and am letting myself breathe.  I am trying to not try to do everything, all the time.  I am trying to be less critical of myself and live in grey area sometimes.....even though I love grey in fashion - less loving it in real life.  But I am trying.

I love the anticipation of the new movie SOMM - I may even go out to see it in LA...why not!

I am loving California - not only because of wine, but because of the food, gardening, weather, kila and lifestyle...this is nothing new. But its a growing love.

I am loving my new attitude, how things are moving and shaking, and life.

2/16/2012 02:45:28 pm

i love you amber. i'm so, so glad we're friends. i'm lucky to know you.

Joda and Tidd
2/16/2012 03:23:12 pm

We love you more than ant valentine,we

Todd & Joda
2/16/2012 03:27:53 pm

Sent last comment too soon..we love you more than any valentine..we love you because you are to be loved every day and because for as long as both us us remember you are a part of our lives..with wine..but mostly with your beautiful soul,spirit,&smile..we love you because you are you..todd & jodes..forever


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