1997 Mt Veeder Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 25th anniversary special bottling.

I remember getting this bottle.
I remember the day, sunny and hot. I smelled hot dirt, seen the greenest vines everywhere on top of Mt veeder, almost ripe grapes, backpack attached and hiking up the mountain to see the differnet soils and ripening styles.  It was dry and the perfect day.  Once at the top the view was spectacular with Napa Valley spanning before me, and the picnic lunch in my attached backpack was delcious....and the 3 bottles of wine were a great treat for lunch too!  A quiet day...you could hear nothing, you couldnt see any movement which was very differnet from down on the valley floor with traffic, horns, hoards of tourists, trucks with grapes being hauled, and the smell of diesel in the air... 
It was like time itself had stopped on top of Mt Veeder.  It was one of the most amazing moments Ive ever had in wine country.  I spent 3 hours up there, lazily eating food and sipping on different vintages of Mt Veeder and Mt Veeder Reserve.  The conversation was easy and the sun was warming. 
I will never forget the day that time stood still on top of Mt veeder, while drinking Mt Veeder....

So as I opened up this wine I wasnt expecting it to be amazing.  I knew it would probably be a little tired and it was.  It is 15 years old.  This classic vintage that everyone wanted and needed and now have not drank because it was too special - Im feeling bad for these people.  I opened this, it smelled ok, color was rusty....it did have a little fruit in the front but it was all acid at the end.  Food drowned it.  I didnt dump it out, it was still drinkable or maybe if just broke my heart to think I could possibly want to dump it out.  It was pretty neat to see how it changed through out the years. And the bottle itself brought back some really lovely memories..
2008 Mt Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon

I got this bottle of wine at a fun wine bar with my girlfriend.  We opened it and it wasnt ready to drink yet.  I like tannic, black fruit wines.  My friend likes the toasty vanilla cabs so I should have known better then to pick this one with her.  
 It was super tight....It made your  mouth make a face like you had just put a sour apple sucker into your mouth.....Tight ass tannins!!   It had black black fruit flavors and the pigments stained my teeth black before the first glass was gone.  As it opened up through out the next two hours it softened.  And it did give a little back. 

In a couple years this wine will be great.  Gripping and it will give it a chance to mellow out a bit.  I LOVED the 2007 right away so I guess I was a bit disappointed with this one but knowing it will soften in a couple years gives me some hope!

Cheers to Mt. Veeder!  www.mtveeder.com

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