The Opera
Ive been listening to opera for years.  I used to love cooking in my old kitchen, opera screaming through the house, looking out the window - big lazy flakes of snow falling or the blazing sun cooking my sun tea.....Anytime was the right time for Renee Fleming or Andrea Bocelli.  I have it on in my car while I drive and it seems to help me keep my road rage at bay (kinda).  Every opera has its own story line and my favorite thing about them is they dont always have a happy ending.  Some love is lost.  We watch movie after movie in the theather - same thing happens - problem then the problem is fixed and everyone lives happily every after.  Opera is reality.  SOmetimes the love of their life dies, sometimes they know its love but they cant make it work so they walk away to always dream and long for the other.  Sometimes they live two lives, other times they are in different places in their life and sometimes its forbidden love.  And also sometimes it works out and they live happily ever after.  I like reality.  Hearts suffer and hurt and we need to see more of this so we understand how to handle it when it does happen. Instead we watch fairytale movies and expect our lives to be the same (wow that got dark quick) 
  I have seen Andrea Bocelli twice, the first time was my favorite  Picture it - December - He comes out in a searing white suit and the second he hits the stage there is a silenced audience.  35, ooo people waiting for this man to open his mouth so they can feel his insides in theirs.  You could of heard the scamper of the tiniest spider in this arena.  He walks up to his microphone and opens his mouth......what comes out made my entire body shiver - made my eyes instantly start to water, my head cock to the side and my chest feel like someone was sitting on it.  I wept from the second his mouth opened until he left the stage for the last time 2hours later.  He sang old classic romantic opera and then some classic Christmas songs.  I sat next to an husky Italian man who was there with his family and had to excuse himself 2 because he was weeping so hard he was coughin.  Ive never been to a concert in my life that the audience was as quiet as this one.  It was magical and magnificent.  His voice was crooning and smooth and he is so handsome he must have the ladies lined up (and hes blind - maybe he would pick me by my charming personality)
   A couple years back I went to NY just to go to the MET to see the opera - I saw Carmen which I recommend to beginners in the opera world.  THe MET is a stunning building with as much crystal as the state of Texas....chandeliers and ornaments and glasses.  ANd CHampagne - they serve real French Champagne.....THe seats are old red velvet theather seats and people still wear tuxes!
   WHy I got into this chat was to tell you to go to HOllywood Cinema - THey are all over the state and many other theaters have this program - The Met: Live in HD series 

You can see live performances of the MET Saturday mornings shown on the big screen - its 22 a ticket.  Ive gone at least 8 times....During the breaks (a usual opera has 2-3 twenty min breaks) you can go to the restroom, grab a snack or read a book.   I have seen Aida, Tosca, *La Rondine and THais (*my 2 favs) , La Boheme, Don Giovanni -
    I also.  of course,  have smuggled in half bottles of wine and sip on glasses as I watch it all unfold.  There is a core group of oldies that go and after my 3rd time of going, they would smile at me and wave. 

Its a great way to spend a winter saturday morning - I hope you go and check it out.  Maybe i will see you there
To get into it a bit - Pandora romantic opera while cleaning - I have it on now

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