There it is - like your old reliable coffee maker spitting out that hot "wake up" juice or the alarm clock jumping  you from your dreams every morning.......or maybe its a feeling that we take advantage of on a daily basis - like when we turn the key over in the car and it starts or our beeping phones relaying quick messages.......its the near and dear......its a friend.. I saw an amazing friend this weekend-She is the most thoughtful friend and person I know.  Besides the fact that shes stunning, witty and intelligent - shes also the latest (even worse than Lynn), and has no sense of where she is when she drives.  She is a true blessing.....I miss the shit out of her already and Ive been gone for 36 hours.
She is my food and wine partner and I would choose her to eat with me everyday if I could.  Lately I have started to really try and put my finger on what makes me happy and how I can achieve more of that in my life. Shes a definate happy maker.  Its time to surround myself with these "feel good" people.  Friends like her are like truffles.....takes a pig to find them in shit.......

11/3/2011 01:06:40 pm

i think we have our costumes for next halloween picked out for us....xoxoxoxo

FL Mom
11/15/2011 08:45:45 pm

Oh Amber, we wish you lived closer (like our back bedroom)! The door is always open ...


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