Ive been blessed to be able to spend a lot of time with my grandparents this month as I've been home a lot of the month.  Ive gone to church with them almost every Sunday - then we have coffee.  One Sunday in early Decemeber we put up the Christmas tree.  My grandma planted the pine 7 years earlier and Grandpa was so proud that we had it sitting in the living room, smelling great and standing tall.  He kept repeating every 10 minutes how we had to make sure and take a picture of her next to it.  i put on the lights and then slowly started to put on ornaments.  This lasted hours as every ornament had a story.  Which was pretty neat to hear. She had ornaments from the 1800s that still looked like they were made yesterday.  She had ornaments that her kids (my uncles) made when they were in kindergarten.  Ornaments from Czech and some ornaments that could have been retired but they all meant so much to her.  A really great day.  When we were done, we sat down to a hard to swallow cup of instant decaf coffee and stared at the tree.  Gramps came in too.  WIthin minutes the conversation went from the tree to why my grandpa is a whiny baby and then he yells out to her "well I rode a camel and shot a goose - what did you do?"
I had no idea where this came from but instantly she shut up and sat up.  She looked at him and said "i will cook your goose mikey"  As you know his name is not mikey, but steve.  He erupts and our quiet moment of looking at the tree is gone.  I am laughing.  He looks at me and I told him I rode on an elephant once.  He looked satisifed with that answer and looked back at gram.  She was smiling like a teenager in love and asked "how did it feel to ride on those humps?"  His anger went away like it never existed and he sat back to contemplate - he then said "well it wasnt really accomodating"
Ok well - great.  He then told me he was in North Africa and stared to tell the story.  Gram interupts and says" I hope he spit on you"  Great.  That went over poorly.  He got up and said "women I dont know about you" and went to read the paper.

Another quick story - today (dec 27) is my gramps birthday.  we had soup and grams famous christmas torte.  Everyone was gone but just a few of my cousins and my grandparents.  I was showing some pics and I came across a "naughty pic" that a friend had sent me.  It was a joke about a foot disease and there is a guy holiding up his infected foot but you can also see his penis - yes I said penis as Im not sure what else to call it on here - anyway.  My cousin sees it from behind me and starts laughing.  My gramps was watching "antiques roadshow" in the room next to us and looks up.  
Now my gram says "what are you laughin about?" Can I see it?" 
I say no.  You may not. 
My other cousin comes up and looks.  Hes laughing uncontrollably. 
Now gram says "come on let me look" 
I tell her its inappropriate and she doesnt want to. 
She asks what its a pic of. 
I say a joke about a boy and you can see his privates. 
She says "you think i aint seen a pecker before - let me see it" 
So against my better judgement- I let her see it.  She looks and then says "oh my god' and puts her hand to her mouth.  She starts laughing and then choking. Turns red.   I havent seen her laugh that hard in years.  Then we all start laughing at her reaction.  I was almost crying I was laughin so hard.
My gramps hears this commotion and yells over the crazy loud tv because he cant hear "what are you all laughing about?  Gram?  Gram?
My gram says she saw a dirty joke and he becomes interested quickly. 
He says "Gram close your eyes you cant see that stuff"  Oh my god"
Well - we all settle down.  Its quiet.  We change the subject for a split second. 
All of a sudden my grams hand goes into the chip bowl and she grabs a handful of chips and says "oh my god I have to eat some chips after seeing that! I am so hungry now!" 
Insane laughter rings out in the kitchen and my gramps is off his rocker and in the kitchen to see what kind of dirty pics are being handed around.  We tell him we are doing nothing wrong but gram cannot get the smile off her face which makes him even more upset so he goes to sit down and refocus on Antiques Roadshow.  Always a fun time with them.  Always
  They are an emotional handful of trouble and so completely in love.  They still communicate which many older couples dont.  Actually a lot of young couples dont either.   They share coffee and talk.  They are lost without each other, for real.  That is where that sentence comes from in life.  It was amazing to spend the time before, during and now after the holidays with them.....

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