I think someone has snuck in my house and started me on prozac drips at night or maybe they are secretly blowing prozac smoke in here.  I try to breathe heavier in here. 

Maybe I finally have found my way. 
Maybe instead of thinking I had to close the chapter I really had to close the book and start writing a new one.  Whatever it is, I havent felt this good in.......I really dont know. 
ANd no I haven't met a boy or got a new job or won the lottery.  I feel good.  I did the tango this morning in my living room to Argentinian music on Pandora.  
Its about time I forgave myself and everyone else. 
What a relief. 
Ive been carrying all this for way too long. 

Hello Sunshine on a cloudy day. 
And if oneo f you did come in here and exchange salt for prozac- thank you!!

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