San Antonio, TX

Hot, Humid, Amazing.
The Alamo, the Riverwalk and the gateway to Bandera (cowboy capital of Texas)
  The riverwalk was at full capacity on the eve of Memorial day- young people everywhere drinking out of those funny long glasses with cheap booze that will surely give them a headache in the morning.  I was on the hunt for a late night meal - Not many things open after 10pm - Ended up going to Landrys for a late night glass of champagne, a steak and lousy service.  I slept at The Sheraton Gunter Hotel (supposedly haunted but I didnt experience anything out of the norm) The room was very nice, great beds, linens and coffee for the morning.  Our view was great as well. 
I woke up to a fresh day and a day to relax.  I ate at boudros for lunch- I had a delicious Seared Tuna salad that was one of my best meals of the trip.  I also ran into charles Barkely - yes THE Charles- he was nice and BIG.  What are the odds.  

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