Wine - Ive realized what a big part of my life it consumes (or consumes me?)
I travel around it, work with it, drink it, talk about it, think about it, read about it, teach about it, spend my free time with it- my life is revolving around grape juice?
THis is positive and negative I guess......it could be much worse.
THis all comes into play as I see pictures of kids going back to school, friends in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s are going back to college for their masters or a bachelors. 
I didnt go to college. (i swear I barely graduated high school) - not because I wasnt smart or didnt get good grades- but because I never went.....and i was bored.  I ended up working my way up the chains in the restaurant business and working at the country club helped......then I got this job after many interviews and pleading (a 21 year old girl in a "good old boys" club - what were they thinking saying YES)  My boss took a chance on me - he still doesnt know why......i was hungry to work, I knew a lot of people in the business, and I really wasnt letting them say no-
When college talk came up with them during interviews I told them It just had not happened.....yet.
Now I may be the only one in our company to not at least have an associates degree and they dont even look at a resume without having a college education......
 Its been bothering me lately to the extreme because a friend in my business is in his mid 40s-worked for amazing companies and held very prestigious titles.....vice president etc etc.  He didnt go to college 20 plus years ago - he cant get a job right now.  Hes amazing and well respected - but no degree - no job.  Someone even told him it doesnt matter what he gets his degree in - could be waste management, business or kayaking - as long as he holds a degree from a college.  WOW.
Scares the shit out of me.  WIll this be me in a couple years?  If I decide to go My life will have to change drastically.  Nomore happy hours :(   No more vacations all the time.....no more sampling the products I need to sell.....Algebra, English and geography?  Can I do this? 
I need to go back to school......I mean GO to school.  Its time to buy a lunch box, #2 pencils, and a Justin bieber backpack................Does this mean I get to buy new "school shoes?"

WHo needs a degree when your schoolin life

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