What a way to start a Thursday morning......Keith hock... Winemaker at schramsberg...my favorite

We tasted a 2011 base still blend. Then on to the 2011 natural (undosaged) sparkler....high acid low alcohol is the name of the game for sparklers and they got that right. The base wine was so acidic it made my teeth hurt! Searing acidity is right...the natural smelled like white grapefruit and orange. Tight bubbles. That searing acidity showed it's face..
Then the 2005 natural. It smelled off to me but it blew off. Good flavored though.

#4The 05 dosaged....The acid calmed down and balanced the wine out with the age. Hints of Yeast and a really nice bubble. I really enjoyed this bright wine. It was balanced and young but had some aging characteristics
#5 2001
Subdued nose. Clean. It had a tiny bit of chemicalness to it at first. I retasted it and it evened out. It was aging well. The last year estate grapes were used.

Wine 6. 1997
Rich fruit. Aged well. Ripe fruit. Rich. Gorgeous fruit. Yeasty and balanced and rich. Enjoyed it.

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