A 3 hour drive north and there we were. At ski brule.
It was my first time there and I have to say that I recommend it highly.
Stayed at a cottage right in the property. Eagles nest top. Sauna. Outdoor hot tub. Wood burning fireplace with tons of wood outside. The fire never stopped burning the 2 nights were were there. Full kitchen with appliances and dishware.
We had a problem with our coffee maker and 4 minutes later they brought a new one. We called for a shuttle to bring us with all of our gear to the hill and seconds later he was there to help us load up. They had kids ski school, great helpful people, night skiing, and I heard good rentals. There was some easy runs, and some great challenging ones. It was a blast.
I will go again in a heartbeat. PRay for some real snow though please.

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