over 300 wines in 3 days
15 classes 
300 wine focused geeks
purple teeth everywhere and no one caring!
some reporters, tasters, CWE, CSS, CSW, MS, MW, CS, judges, restaurant owners, educators, professors - or maybe just a wine lover.  What an educational and proper event.  And most people were so friendly. 

 It is first class wine knowledge and worth every penny.  
I learned soo much and tasted some wines that I had not before (many actually)  
Some of my highlights - 
1. Kevin Hook with Schramsberg bubbly tasting
2. Learning about Greek wines - I lad in that area
3. blind tasting
4. Having dinner with a new found friend
5. the wine educators toolbelt seminar by Tracy - great ideas to use
6. listening to David Glancy speak - hes a great teacher and I enjoyed his seminars - he owns and runs San Francisco wine school.
7. listening to Gerald Asher speak about his billion years in the wine world
8.  NOT spilling a drop of wine on any outfit I wore - I dont believe it!

8/5/2012 04:47:19 am

I so wish I could be there. What an inspirational event. Unfortunately I'm stuck in the Caribbean dodging hurricanes and tropical storms!

Love your blog! Amber.

8/30/2012 07:41:56 pm

Amazing, I wish I could be there. delicious food and drink always attract me.

9/16/2012 11:03:47 pm

such a nice event and it is really good for wine lovers to enjoy the flavor

10/24/2019 01:57:07 am

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