Im always amazed by the human mind.....
How can a 4 year old remind me of what I did with her when she was 2 and explain to me what metamorphasis is? She knows.  Then 5 minutes later shes crying because she can't have a sucker.  This is the same sweet little girl who has to pick out her OWN clothes in the morning (matching is not required) and wouldnt take off her pink cowboy boots for days.
I walk into the house and hear someone playing the piano. I think its the 37 yr old musician in the house...No.  Its a 6 yrs old boy, fingers kissing the ivory and sounding like a CD.  An hour later he is upstairs crying for 45 minutes because he has to do his homework before he can play a game.
I swear I can hear their brains sucking in information sometimes.  
  Sometimes a thought can go into my head and it seems to stick....It hangs out on the back burner all day, sometimes coming up to the front for a mere second and then back it goes.  Then, when I try to make a deal with the sleeps gods, there is that thought boiling over on the front burner, scorching the possibility of sleep.  It seems we all, as weve gotten older, have started to put up roadblocks in our brains from events that have happened in our lives....  Sometimes thoughts crawl in and decide to hibernate so later on as we have relationships, friendships and other events happening....BAM it wakes up and shows its ugly head. 
Overreaction is probably the worst one.  It feels like your mind is running a marathon and you can become physically exhausted from the worry.  I once actually felt ill from an overreaction.  The anxiety was overwhelming.   Then the second you actually deal with the overreaction - most of the time it was something that was completely nothing! 
Wouldnt it be nice to have a brain cleaner to get rid of all those roadblocks our brain conjures up like the way I just cleaned out the bad "cookies" in my computer....Or be as "clean" as a childs brain with no roadblocks yet....Maybe apple will have an app for that soon

Rather do without and just hold the smile

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