Moscato is it!
HOney, apricot, ripe peaches, sun kissed citrus - its all there.   Moscato has been HOT HOT HOT for the last 5 months and everyone wants a piece (or slurp) of this wine.  What makes it different then riesling?  good question.  Its usually not as syrupy.  Its USUALLY not as sweet- I say usually because it depends on where it comes from.
SOme moscatos are bubbly - some just like regular still wine.  EIther way they are hot, and mostly inexpensive.
SO go try a bottle this weekend......or men, buy one for your lady that usually doesnt drink wine - she may like it!

Bella Sera
Twisted are just some ones I can think of off the top of my head

my sugar is raw
9/9/2011 10:43:46 pm

I'm NOT a wine drinker (slowly getting there) but somehow a bottle of Moscato ended up in our fridge and it's gone...delicious!!!

Love the posts. Even if I don't comment. They really make my day. x


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