Yes I said it - lick knob

This is my Sunday morning treat - I went over to see the kids (grandparents)
I walked in and it was a balmy 87 in the house.  I know your thinking - they are old and wanted it to be that cold but no - Gram was in her chair reading and fanning herself with the mornings church bulletin like God himself was going to help cool her down.  And Grandpa - no where to be found. 

I ask Gram  "why is it so damn hot in here"
gram - "the conditioner for air is broke"
i say - "since when"
gram - "Thursday"
i say as I hear grandpa walk in "did you call someone?"
grandpa says "its hot in here, I cant stand it- Im sitting outside to cool down" - its 90 outside.  I shake my head

Grampa tells me the conditioner of air has been broke all weekend and the heats killing them - cant eat, cant sleep - only can drink coffee and eat cookies (im sure the hot coffee helps cool them) they dont understand what went wrong.

Gram tries to talk and grampa tells her to go back to reading because thats all she does anyway.  He tells me he wishes he would have married an illiterate because all she does is reads all day and gives him no attention.  I shake my head

They both get up and gram goes to the window to point out the culprit (the central air unit or as they call it -  conditioner of air) which she thinks is the problem.  Grampa thinks i am following him downstairs to the basement to look at the furnace which also has nothing to do with the central air unit.  I simply walked up to the thermostat, opened it up and read - HOT - ON - 88.

Ok - yes they had it on heat and it was up to 88 and the furnace was blowing hot air.

I then turned it on to cool while grampa came up behind me, and then i turned it to ON and 70 degrees.  Seconds later you hear it kick in.  It started blowing cool air.  I hear gram yelling from her chair which she is back in reading - WOO HOOO i feel cold air.

my grandpa walks to a vent and says - "by God we have a mech a nick (mechanic in his language) on our hands.  They couldnt get over that I saved the day.  i pushed 2 bottons

After all this - Gram says - Lets go into town and I will buy you a (WAIT FOR IT) Lick - nob.  I swallowed hard and tried not to laugh.  Grampa says in his high pitched sweety voice "Gram thats a good idea - my sweety deserves a lick nob for being such a good mech a nic"   Well yes I do Grampa but Im uncomfortable with you saying so is what i was thinking. I only half know they are talking about an ice cream cone .  Yes - they call it a lick nob.  I of course, continue to talk up the lick nob and try to make them say it in conversation about 15 times so I can laugh every time.  Is that wrong?  maybe.  Is calling an ice cream cone a lick nob appropriate?  maybe not.  Either way - I didnt go out for a lick nob, I took a raincheck and hope to get my lick nob in the near future!

favorite moment of the day - need i say more - lick nob talk 

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