Today was yet another exciting morning with my grandparents....
In Church we had communion today which as you know comes towards the end of the service.  Before we could go up for the INDIVIDUAL (YES) cup my gram has slapped his hand twice and my grandpa has pinched her at least 3 times.....Now remember this is a loving pinch and slap...She just shakes her head as I shake mine at both of them. 
We make our way up to the altar and get on our knees.  Pastor brings us the wafer then the other pastor brings the lil cups of wine.  Out of the corner of my eye I see my grandpa take his - He puts it up to his lips and drinks it...Now the next step is to set it with all the other cups on the altar but no - he proceeds to tip it back more - his head wayy back and he almost falls backwards.  This is comical but it gets better - he starts licking out the tiny plastic cup and uses his other had to gentley tap the cup, like its stuck and he has to get every last drop like he paid for it or something.  The rest of us have already started to get up to walk away.....and as he notices this he jumps up like we were disturbing him.  I await patiently for him to start going to make sure he gets downt the steps alright.  Gram, who can barely walk, is speed walking and almost to her seat and here we are falling behind so he can suck out (or lick out) every last drip of Jesus' blood.  Awesome.  I shake my head and try not to start to smile, afraid if I do I will start to laugh in front of church and I just took communion for heavens sake.....So we make our way back and gram is giving him a monster dirty look. Bad.  He looks at her and knows hes in trouble but has no idea why so he gives her the "what gram" with his hands up in the air.  She swats at him and turns from him irriatated.  no love in that shun.  Now he does what most men do when their loved ones are mad at them....POUT.  He doesnt open up his hymnal (which he doesnt realize he is usually on the wrong page anyway) and he wont look at her or at the pastor.  He pouts and has his eyebrows in a scowl. 
  After a song he seems to forget and starts to look around.  theres some prayers etc and then the last song.  Its on page 208.  He goes to 214 and then looks at mine.  I point to 208.  He point to 214 and then to the front of the church where the board reads the page numbers for the songs.  I point again to the 208.  He shakes his head.  We are now on verse 3 and I am singing and pointing to 208 and want to whisper to him that I know its right because I am singing but he cant hear so whats the use.  He forgot that we already sang that song but he was pouting and didnt open up for that song.   now the Songs over.  Church is over - he now has the hyman at 208.  We get up to leave.  He still continues to sit there with his hymnal open.  Gram nudges him, irritated.....Mikey lets go.  ahh no.  we already know that drives him wild.  We get outside and he says - why didnt we sing the last song Gram?   Gram is so beyond herself irriated she walks by him and gets in the truck.  We get back for instant coffee and he asks again.  She throws an aldi fig newton at him and asks me when Im getting married.  Awesome

Just another amazing morning with my grandparents.  They are super sweet

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