Door county - what a magical haven we have such a short drive away.

Within 2 hours you can be transported to a vacation summer dream.  - water, sunsets, parks, great food, cutesy shops, sailboats, and many smiley happy people.  Everytime I go up there I think, why dont i come here more often?

I ate at coopers corner in Fish creek - new restaurant - full of vacationers - tons of patio seating and so busy you want to eat there.  My food was good - plain basic grilled chix sany with avacado and cheese.....balsalmic pasta salad and apple slaw.  And a melony st supery sauvignon blanc.
Off to golf at The Orchards.  Ive golfed here before and enjoyed it. Actually one of my favorite golfing moments was there many years ago :)
perfect day to golf, hot, golf game may not have been as amazing.
I stay at The lodgings at pioneer lane in Ephraim - yes Ephraim is a dry town and I dont care.  They have the best view of the sunset and a great beach area.  You can go sailing, kayaking, hang on the beach and get a memorable milkshake at wilsons all in 20 steps or less.  Lodgings at pioneer lane is a great place.  They are 'Green'.  Use high quality linens and all have fireplaces and whirlpools.  I love taking baths and took 2 in less then 20hrs. 
Had dinner at another Favorite - Inn At Kristofers.  drank Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc and sang happy birthday to my 36yr old brother.  we ate fruit and brie, escargot (gotta love those old memories of hobnobbin and snails) - chilled avacado with coconut curry soup, mango soup, steaks and halibut!
 Something about my brother turning 36 and his girlfriend sitting there with a pink sunset that seemed to last for hours - good night.  then why not make a quick turn into 'The Red Putter' for some buzzed up mini golf!  Holes in one galore!
Breakfast at the TOp hat - BOCCE ball on the beach! fun - stopped to pick some cherries for the road and before you could say 'are we there yet" BAM your home!  

I love door county and all it has to offer and will go back yet again this year.  A trip to Washing ton Island is on the horizon - maybe a sail or kayaking trip again - or maybe a romp with a horse at Kurts Corral - FUn

You must go if you havent been -

ive been waiting so long -

best moment of my day - My tanker Brock, falling asleep in my arms after he talked to me about life for 20 minutes -

Rana Mae
7/28/2011 03:28:15 pm

Guess what? Brock just woke up and was wondering where you went...... I thought about calling you over:)


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