I am a daily wine drinker.  I almost never drink more then 2 glasses a day. 
I like drinking wine.  It tastes good.
So as of the start of 2012 I decided to slow down a little bit and skip some days to see what happened - not that I have a problem- more to see how I would feel and if my mood would change.
    Well here are the results so far. 
Since december 29th I have "skipped" almost half of the days.  That means no wine (I did taste wine for work but spit-in my rules that does not count)
1. First of all - I feel better in general emotionally.  I don't know if that is alcohol related or life related.
2. I got on the scale this morning and have lost almost 5 pounds.  HOLY SKELETOR- now I don't also know if thats the absence of wine, or the fact I eat less because it is hard to eat dinner at night without wine.  It feels not normal and like my meal is missing something. 
3. I have had nights of better sleep and nights of worse so that has stayed the same.
4. Eating is not as fun.  I ate sushi the other night with hot tea instead of wine.  It was sad.  The sushi looked at me wondering where its sauvignon blanc moisturizer was?
5. I have gotten more done in general, as far as work, household chores etc.  Again this could be because it is the new year and Im trying to be pro-active.
6. work has seemed more tolerable lately.  now that may be because I know changes are on the horizon.
7.  Mornings are less cloudy
8.  My tolerance has gone down, meaning I get a buzz off one glass now - weird.

My conclusion- I lost weight and didn't even try to.
I dislike eating dinner without wine.  It feels like an unseasoned soup - missing something. 
I am not going to make a conscious decision anymore to drink wine or not to drink wine, but I may continue the slow down as I think its healthier for me in general.  Maybe I will go down to one glass a day (and no it won't be a pint glass!)

wine is good people - drink it

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