I always have thought of myself as a Spanish wine loving girl.  Tempranillo being my standby if I have to buy wine at a wine shop - great value always.  And I love the way it tastes, lingers and the fruit.

I chose this class because I love tempranillo from Spain but to also try some other ones from US.

There was 5 temps from Spain - and 5 from US.

We would taste in pair and then we would have to choose what one we thought was new world (US), and what one was old world (SPAIN) and why.

Well out of the 5 pairs I got every single one wrong.  HOW! It humbled me like the wine world usually does.  Puts me back in place.  HOW could I have gotten all of them wrong?  Especially when I LOVE Spanish temp.

Well - I always did it based on color and taste.  I also realized I drink better quality temp - not just joven (young) style.  

It was tricky and now it still reminds me of how much I love temp - I just love it from Spain and USA - I will find some of these treats and drink them at home!

1. Hovey Temp from CalaveraS county - CA
2. Montebuena - Rioja
3. Tierra Aranda - RIbera Del Douro
4. Bokish- lodi CA
5. St Amant  AMador COunty
6. LIberalia - tinta de Toro
7. Tinto Pesquera - Bodega Alejandro Fernandez - Ribera Del Douro
8. Abacela RSV temp - OREGON
9. Bodega Paso Robles VIVA YO - central coast
10 muga seleccion rioja
ones highlighted were my faves

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