We all have them - friends
  Truly I have been blessed with a batch of amazing friends.  I have a blender full of different fruits that is just waiting to get blended together.  I have the friends I meet for happy hour, the ones I only have a text relationship with because we just cant seem to find the right time for the both of us, the ones I meet for the once a month party, the ones I know through work, through old relationships, through wine events etc etc etc.  Some are lifelong companions that have seen you in certain instances that you want to try to forget, some are new ones that you seem to have a common bond with, some are just there when you selfishly need that one person for that one instance, some were there and now are not, and lastly some are just there always (and my favorite since kindergarten) . I have a core group of love - the small handful of my soul. 
These are the people that even after the 954th call about the same broken heart still listen to you after all the other ones have stopped.  These are the ones that ask you the question before you have to bring up the problem.  These are the ones that you can tell that you shit your pants and they will laugh with you and not at you (well kind of anyway)  These are the ones that cry when they are so proud of your accomplishments AND when your heart is on fire. 

I remember leaving high school with loads of friends - and slowly through out the years, one by one, they become aquaintances.  This doesnt dampen the fact that they are still wonderful  - they are.  And when you see them you feel this heavy heart because you think. oh man, I really liked that person and how I felt when I was with them.   You think about those memories and miss them.  Then move forward.  Or in the case of one of my girls - you get filthy drunk with them and tell them how much you miss them while burning a hole in their shirt with your cigarette that you dont smoke anymore.
I remember someone telling me this would happen when I was in my early 20's.  He was right.  But I kept my girls - my soul - and continue to try to keep them around - even though sometimes I think they want to get rid of me - I wont let them. 

Today I had lunch with 2 great friends.  We talked about how life is forever trying. 
Tonight I played golf with a friend whos opinion I respect on a professional level.  I also have a soft spot for her because we lead a similar life.  Our minds have crazy thoughts going through often.  We deal with people that most dont normally.  I love her friendship. and her. And I had an amazing night tonight - from smuggling a bottle of amazing pinot noir on the course, to intelligent conversation, mooning a video camera and forgetting our balls on the green we were so in depth with our conversation.

The wine we drank - SO BE IT pinot noir from Anderson Valley  **** 4 stars 

 My favorite memory of today - Watching the sun set while the orange moon was also hanging overhead.  Both at once never seems to happen. 

keep smiling, keep shining.

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