So the second I leave SFO and all of my work friends - I get in a car and start driving north - I go through Sacramento, Corning, Red BLuff and then Redding.  I stop for dinner - Moonstone Bistro -
Cute little place - .  I had a Fruit and cheese platter with goat cheese and fresh peaches.  For dinner I had a Filet Mignon  which was local and cooked well.  I had stopped and bought a bottle of champagne on my way up - Charles Heidsick French Champagne - it had the tightest bubbles - a delicious yeasty finish with a bright apple front.
Some people dont like to drink bubbles with red meat - but I lOVE it- really with anything I guess.

I stayed at Obrien Mountain Inn bed and breakfast in Shasta Lake.
Great location - right off the highway but still in the woods.  A fountain right outside the room, A huge king bed, fireplace and jacuzzi tub.  Woke up in the morning to french press coffee outside my door at 7 and at 8am a great breakfast in bed - Fresh squeezed mango/orange juice, fresh fruit with a lemon/pepper sauce and then a frittata with fresh mozzarella, artichokes red peppers.  Also some local chicken sausage. WOW what a great way to start the day.  I made my trek to Macarthur burney falls state park about 1.5 hours away.  I got there and what a sight!  Burney Falls was amazing! HUGE veil and so powerful.  I also pulled off to one of the largest dams in the west.  Reminded  me of Hoover Dam.
Then off to do some spelunking! Lake Shasta Caverns - A walk down to the lake - a 25 minute boat ride, a 15 minute bus ride and there 12 of us were, on the top of a mountain about to go through the cave!  It was 90 ish degrees outside and about 60 inside.  It was very humid and spooky! Really a fun couple hours - then the 15 min bus ride down, and on the boat ride back I hear the motor go - rurururururrrr - dead.  Doesnt restart.  for 30 minutes.  At least.  It was hot - Really hot.  my stomach was starting to eat itself.  I didnt have lunch  - this is the preamble to which could be a very bad ending.  But my patience pulled through and an hour and a half later we were all rescued and I was on my way. 

I drove north through Weed (yes a town named Weed) followed hwy 97 up to Klamath Falls - I checked into the Running Y Ranch Resort
What a beautiful spot - I had my own cabin #13 - a full 2 bedroom with kitchen, deck and fountain out front.  Really one of the best values of my entire trip.  I went down to Wyatts (a restaurant at the resort) where I had a bottle of New Zealand Pinot Noir with some crab cakes that were nicely done and a wild king salmon dish with pineapple and balsalmic ( a different combo for sure)  ambiance was just ok - service just ok and food just ok.  HOnestly, this resort is a golf resort with an Arnold Palmer course.  I looked around the room and was surrounded by men - lots of men.  In golf shoes.  For those of you that know me well, I love men in golf shoes.  (this is why I worked at the country club so long - ha ha)  THis story doesnt lead to anything exciting BUT all the single ladies - if you want to get a bunch of single women together and go golfing - go there. WOWZA.  Anyway - the food was lousy so I wouldnt go back just for that reason.  
The next day I went to Crater lake - read my previous post about this magical place.  

The first couple days of this trip were really amazing and a ton of driving.  Felt good to find some peace.  and Quiet.  tell you the rest tomorrow (and the best part)

- Yesterday, so far away -tomorrow so far to go


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