So Italy in a nutshell- I went from Milan, to piedmonte, to laguria, to emilia romagna, to Tuscany to Umbria to Rome......in 10 days

It was beautiful, delicious and amazing.  I met 8 men whom with which we not only shared the love of wine and knowledge, but the passion for this business.  We also shared part of ourselves.  when you have a small bus full of  people that have brains packed full of vino knowledge and we look at the soil, the families, the details, the love that goes into every single bottle on some wines and the $ clinking in on others, that appreicate food, that want to try a new way, a new type, that ask questions and questions that would blow your mind kind of questions.  And drinking - we were good at it.  Eating - bring it on. SOmetimes 10+ courses at our 3 hour lunches, sometimes 20 bottles of wine....  And boy did we eat.....and drink.  A LOT.  what an experience.  I was given a chance, and I am truly honored, to run loose with 5 other working sommeliers to talk about life, love, wine, food.  And we ran loose in small towns, wineries, vineyards, cheese factories, cooperages, busses, pools, cafes, restaurants, patios, and cities.  our host coined the term "hostess with the mostess"  Our camera guys were the cooles 2 cats (no pun intended with the joke Jason) ever.  (of course havent seen the footage yet)
 I made memories that I will remember when I look back at my life and think of my favorite moments.  And those 8 boys I will remember too.  As not only soms, but these 8 crazy guys who were super aweome and I went to Italy for my first time with.  Thanks guys - Cheers to us

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